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For $25, you can get 2 of your best songs in a 90+ day long artist promotion (High Rotation). Giving your 2 songs more exposure! After your 90 days are up your 2 songs will remain in our playlist.

Our daily playlist consist of over 4,000 songs! On average, only about 300 songs can be played in a 24 hour period however, this promotion gaurantees you will get played!
Promotion comes with a couple of sure fire bonuses too!

The Gospel Artist Song Spotlight/Showcase airs at the top of every hour on

If you’re serious about your gospel music career, then this promotion is something you need right now so buy it today.

What would it cost you to promote your music on traditional radio? A lot! Some places charge anywhere from $500 a week and more.

But, as mentioned earlier, we are all about helping the independent gospel artist get more exposure. Our Artist Showcase promotion will only cost you $25



So if you’re serious about being heard, Fill Out The Form below.

When submitted, here is what you get:

  • 2 MP3 songs included into the playlist rotation on this station as soon as we receive your songs.
  • Rotation is currently 5+ plays per day for a least 90 days, but after 90 days your song will remain playing continuously.
  • Listed on the  All Time Gospel Radio playlist.
  • Be heard by thousands of listeners and website visitors in 50+ States and outside Countries
  • Possible inclusion on some of the  All Time Gospel Radio shows,,,,,,,,,And don’t forget to send your album cover so we can upload it to our front page   

All Time Gospel Radio can provide a venue / outlet for buzzing local and regional artists so that their music can be heard by the general public.

Online Radio Programmers: Play these songs FREE!
All Time Gospel Radio offers music to your radio station.
 BMI, SESAC, ASCAP ,SoundExchange We Are A Legal Streaming Station

All Time Gospel Radio is a powerful promotional tool for all artists; here’s why:
# 1 Exposure (the smart kind)
All Time Gospel Radio plays your music to a very large and real audience – our online radio stations have thousands listeners – and you decide who hears your music. If your music is Rap, you get played to people who like rap. We also have listeners in all states or countries. In a nutshell, you get exposure to the people who are most likely to become your fans.

 # 2 Get New Fans 
When your songs are playing on All Time Gospel Radio, the listener is encouraged to interact, which is a great way to make new fans. You build real connections with people that you can communicate with. You can inform them about an upcoming gig, or a new album you just dropped. Or, add your new fans to your existing mailing lists.

Read Submission Terms Below Before Submitting Music 

(Artist/Music Submission Agreement)

Get Fast Guaranteed Play For Your Song

By submitting your songs to All Time Gospel Radio we guarantee your songs will be played within a Hour. When submitting songs for Fast Play, you may send 2 songs and 1 album cover. By submitting your song allows us to uplaod your song to our download page