Jermaine Dolly talks church & Jesus, music, ministry & more

Philly Soul is back like a bullet train…and the high-octane locomotive is called The Dolly Express, a mix of music crafted by the rail conductor, Jermaine Dolly, an affable, amusing, Philly native that knows a thing or two about music and social media. Under the tutelage of Tye Tribbett, Dolly witnessed firsthand how to bring the Bible to the boyz in the hood, as a member of Greater Anointing. Now, as a bold disciple of the Gospel too, Jermaine is proclaiming Jesus, his own quirky and charismatic way.

On the heels of his breakthrough, chart-topping singles, You & Come And Knock On Our Door, Dolly has delivered an album that’s designed to connect with both thugs and theologians, social media mavens and church matriarchs. It’s music for millennials, where ole skool soul and powerful praise collide to the delight of the listener.

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