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Help All Time Gospel Continue broadcasting Gospel Music world wide. 


All Time Gospel Radio is a Internet Radio Station dedicated solely to the Glory of God. We stream “Urban Contemporary, Worship & Praise, Christian Rap, Traditional Black Gospel and contemporary Christian With A Message. Where the music makes a difference.

Welcome to All Time Gospel Radio ... (All Time Gospel Radio ) was founded in 2008. This station was developed to create a professional radio environment for Independent Gospel Artist who could not  get radio airplay. Broadcasting around the world 24/7, we started out playing nothing but major artist. We now play both major and independent. artist. We have over a 5,000 song collection from artist around the world most are independent. Get your music heard by millions of listeners world wide who like rap music. Here at  All Time Gospel Radio we will keep you up on the latest news about your favorite Artist. 

Why Do You Want Online Radio Play With All Time Gospel Radio :

All Time Gospel Radio Play helps your music get heard and sold on an international level, it evens help you get more video views from and audience you thought you would never reach. It also helps you build a wider fan base. As an independent artist, All Time Gospel Radio can make yourself more attractive to promoters, management, labels and more. And if you’re a new artist, you can use All Time Gospel Radio to guide your way into new markets.

After your song is in rotation, All Time Gospel Radio  Also does interviews, (Live and Prerecorded) which is a good way to promote and speak about your song, album or tours, and with this tool a lot of ground can be covered not only local, but nationally.

Get Your Album Cover Promoted on All Time Gospel Radio  (Click Here For More Info)

Promoting your music through internet radio stations are very effective if you can find which celebrity music artist your music is most similar to. After identifying that, you can promote your music on their stations and if your music is truly similar, you can gain some of their fans. Some of these internet radio station platforms are very cheap.

Check out the latest Gospel Music News! Want to hear music from your favorite gospel artists every day? Listen to All Time Gospel Radio and enjoy free radio streaming. 

  Proving longevity, consistency and excellence Myron Butler & Levi are gospel music’s most versatile group and will release their anticipated fourth album, On Purpose, this summer. Butler, one of the genre’s important creative forces, continues to take his songwriting, arranging and producing to new levels with this album.

  Erica Campbell, with her irresistible charisma, gifted voice, and non-stop work ethic, Gospel megastar Erica Campbell scored a BET nomination for the Dr. Bobby Jones Gospel/ Inspirational Award at this year’s 2016 BET Awards. This year the BET Awards will air live at 8p.m. ET on Sunday, June 26th

  NASHVILLE, TN (2016) – The Reigning Queen of Gospel, pioneering music legend Shirley Caesar reveals a bold new album with FILL THIS HOUSE, available for pre-order  now via iTunes and Amazon.  Unveiling the album cover and track listing, FILL THIS HOUSE is scheduled to be released on Friday June 3, 2016, in stores Now!

 While the Gospel music genre is churning out exciting new artists every year, there are some voices that remain timeless and relevant within an industry that is constantly reinventing itself. One of those artists is Marvin Sapp, who this week heads to Las Vegas for the Billboard Music Awards. He is nominated in two categories: Top Gospel Artist and Top Gospel Album (You Shall Live).

Performance Rights Organizations, are “societies responsible for collecting income on behalf of songwriters and music publishers when a song is publicly broadcast.” This means they collect money from anyone in the world using your music on your behalf. This includes things like Pandora streaming, internet radio, being featured in stores, or any publicly broadcast event. PRO's literally track down companies for you to make sure you get paid for your hard work and creations! The 3 main organizations are listed with detail below.  

Official site:

Twitter: @ASCAP

Fee: One-time fee of $50 as a writer (free when you sign up through Songtrust) and $50 as a publisher.

Pay Schedule: Click here for ASCAP’s writer and publisher pay schedules.


Official site:

Twitter: @BMI

Fee: Free for songwriters, $150 as a publisher

Publishing Companies: You do not need a publishing company to collect your publisher’s share of royalties at BMI.

Pay Schedule: BMI pays royalties quarterly. 


Did you know that every time you hear music in an elevator the artist who made it is getting paid?

Now i’m not saying go out and make elevator music (but if you’d like to, go ahead). What you should do is get involved with the organizations that take care of royalties for artists.

In the US it’s ASCAP. In Canada it’s SOCAN. But most major countries have services that take care of royalties for artists.

 In 2014, ASCAP paid out $883.5 million to artists. Now that’s some major cheddar.


There’s ton’s of ways to spend a bit to make A LOT.

Pretty much everything on this list is going to take a bit of capital to get going—making t-shirts, pressing records and all the other obvious costs.

But the easiest and best way to invest in your music is to make sure it’s sounding the absolute best before you start shopping it around.

Invest in good audio mastering. It’s essential to make sure your music is going to sound perfect in all playback situations.


The best thing you should do is re-invest into your project.

Keep an artist fund that you only touch when you have to. Save it up and use it wisely to grow your project even more.

Just don’t blame us when all your less savvy artist friends start hitting you up for loans.

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Shirley Caesar reveals new album, “Fill This House”, Pre-order available now!

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