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Shirley Caesar reveals new album, “Fill This House”, Pre-order available now!

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The Ice Bucket Challenge Is A Satanic Ritual, Explains Troubled Writer



All Time Gospel Radio is a Internet Radio Station dedicated solely to the Glory of God. We stream “Urban Gospel, Christian Rap, With A Message. Where the music makes a difference.

For Free, you can get your best song in a 90+ day long rotation. All we ask you is for a small donation of $1 or more. This $1 donation helps us pay the bills to stay online and helping the independent artist and our beloved listeners. Giving your best songs more exposure! After your 90 days are up your best song will remain in our playlist, but not rotation...Click The Donate Button Below And Go To Our     Song Submission Page 


Check out the latest Gospel Music News! Want to hear music from your favorite gospel artists every day? Listen to All Time Gospel Radio and enjoy free radio streaming. 

Welcome to All Time Gospel Radio (All Time Gospel Radio) is the one station that people around the world listen to live! We cross all language barriers with the way that we praise the Lord DAILY! From choirs to singers and gospel rappers, we are 24 hour/365 days a year Urban Gospel Music Radio Station. Hear all your favorite gospel music and radio, free. Listen online.

All Time Gospel Radio was founded in 2008. This station was developed to create a professional radio environment for Independent Gospel Artist who could not  get radio airplay. Broadcasting around the world 24/7, we started out playing nothing but major artist. We now play both major and independent. artist. We have over a 5,000 song collection from artist around the world most are independent. Get your music heard by millions of listeners world wide who like rap music. Here at  All Time Gospel Radio we will keep you up on the latest news about your favorite Artist.

Gospel is a modern form of Christian music that shares the message of Jesus and the Christian lifestyle, as well as to give a Christian alternative to mainstream secular music. Musically, it follows the trends in secular urban music. #UrbanGospel

Why Do You Want Online Radio Play With All Time Gospel Radio :

All Time Gospel Radio Play helps your music get heard and sold on an international level, it evens help you get more video views from and audience you thought you would never reach. It also helps you build a wider fan base. As an independent artist, All Time Gospel Radio can make yourself more attractive to promoters, management, labels and more. And if you’re a new artist, you can use All Time Gospel Radio to guide your way into new markets.

After your song is in rotation, All Time Gospel Radio  Also does interviews, (Live and Prerecorded) which is a good way to promote and speak about your song, album or tours, and with this tool a lot of ground can be covered not only local, but nationally.

Promoting your music through internet radio stations are very effective if you can find which celebrity music artist your music is most similar to. After identifying that, you can promote your music on their stations and if your music is truly similar, you can gain some of their fans. Some of these internet radio station platforms are very cheap.

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  Proving longevity, consistency and excellence Myron Butler & Levi are gospel music’s most versatile group and will release their anticipated fourth album, On Purpose, this summer. Butler, one of the genre’s important creative forces, continues to take his songwriting, arranging and producing to new levels with this album.

  Erica Campbell, with her irresistible charisma, gifted voice, and non-stop work ethic, Gospel megastar Erica Campbell scored a BET nomination for the Dr. Bobby Jones Gospel/ Inspirational Award at this year’s 2016 BET Awards. This year the BET Awards will air live at 8p.m. ET on Sunday, June 26th

  NASHVILLE, TN (2016) – The Reigning Queen of Gospel, pioneering music legend Shirley Caesar reveals a bold new album with FILL THIS HOUSE, available for pre-order  now via iTunes and Amazon.  Unveiling the album cover and track listing, FILL THIS HOUSE is scheduled to be released on Friday June 3, 2016, in stores Now!

 While the Gospel music genre is churning out exciting new artists every year, there are some voices that remain timeless and relevant within an industry that is constantly reinventing itself. One of those artists is Marvin Sapp, who this week heads to Las Vegas for the Billboard Music Awards. He is nominated in two categories: Top Gospel Artist and Top Gospel Album (You Shall Live).

In Newly Released Journal, Lil Wayne Reveals He Considered Turning to Christian Rap While In Prison

Lil Wayne is an open book — at least when it comes to one chapter in his life. On Tuesday, the prolific rapper, who in 2010 was sentenced to an eight-month stint at New York’s notorious Rikers Island on weapons charges, released the diary he kept during his incarceration. Entitled Gone ‘Til November: A Journal of Rikers Island (Plume Books), the journal was Wayne’s way of finding “joy in hell.” Now, it stands as a revelation to fans who finally get a peek behind the curtain of celebrity. 

 He considered turning to Christian rap… briefly. 

In addition to a landslide of fan mail, Wayne also received a compelling letter from a church, urging him to use his artistry to spread the gospel. And for a moment, Wayne considered it. “I would truly have the power of having pop culture turn to God,” he wrote. “I would have straight killers in church every Sunday.”

But later on, the rapper said he had an epiphany that he was where he was supposed to be in his artistic journey — at least for the moment.

Advntages of Listening to Internet Radio

People listen to radio for a variety of different reasons; to hear their favorite talk show, sports games, or music. The radio was invented over one hundred years ago, and people still listen to them today proving it to be one of the greatest inventions in time.

Listening to a radio can be difficult at times because there may be bad reception and it can take a while to tune to the right station you want. Listening to internet radio has many advantages over a traditional radio, and finding your favorite station is just a click away. Once you find a radio program that interests you, you just click on the link and the website broadcasts onto your computer. Finding a talk show, sports game, or your favorite music is easily accessible from the internet.

The best aspect of listening to music online is the cost. It can be free or of little cost. If you want to listen online all you need is a computer or laptop, an internet connection, speakers, and a media player. Some online stations don’t require a media player so you won’t have an additional cost of purchasing software. Some online stations charge a monthly fee which usually cost around $10 to $20 a month, but there are plenty of stations that are free of charge. (All Time Gospel Radio)

Another advantage of listening to radio stations online is the wide variety of programming. Unlike a traditional radio where there has to be good reception for tuning, you can listen to stations from across the globe. You can listen to stations from different countries and hear music and talk shows from other cultures. This is great for people who have relocated to another country for work, family, or military duty and want to listen to music or a show that will remind them of home. There are stations available with every type of music ranging from folk, hip-hop, rock, alternative, and jazz, just to name a few. There are thousands of radio stations to choose from online unlike traditional radio where you can only choose from AM and FM stations that are in your area of reception. Traditional radios are also limiting with music choices and most stations only play country, rap, rock, pop, and oldies. Local sports broadcasts are only offered on traditional radio, but with internet radio you can find sports broadcasts from around the world.

There are many advantages with tuning in online such as cost, accessibility, and variety.

Artists’ Links


 Wife, Mom, Singer, Worship Leader, New album 'Unrestrained' out on iTunes, Amazon etc! single 'He's Alive' 

Terrie RimsonTerrie Rimson                                                            RECORDING ARTIST/ TV PERSONALITY / MODEL/ ACTRESS/  Available NOW  Rhythm AveNew Entertainment

Joe RussellJoe RussellJoe Russell is a gospel performer originally from Miami, Fl, now residing in N Florida

Chanz TaylorChanz Taylor   As an aspiring artist, my goal is to inspire change through music.

Ethan KentEthan Kent Husband, Father, Christian & Gospel Recording Artist, Producer/Engineer, & Worship Leader


     D WilksD Wilks                                                             Gospel/CCM artist, Worship leader music on iTunes         


Shunice HillSullivanShunice HillSullivan

                                                                                                       Author of Son Do You Know How Truly Blessed You Are?Contemporary Gospel Singer w/hot new CD entitled Breakthrough. Available  iTunes, Amazon, & CD


Lelton DavisLelton Davis

                                                                                                        Associate minister at Saint John institutional Baptist Church in Phoenix. Rev Davis serves under Pastor C.R. Mcduffy.


Jo Ann Travis-ClarkJo Ann Travis-Clark

                                                                                                                              Gospel (Christian Jazz) artist who believes that whatever I say, I shall have, if I believe it! Also, know that to love another is to Love God!


God's DesireGod's Desire








 Husband and wife Contemporary Gospel Duet spreading GOD's Word & Love to All that will hear!

Joe RussellJoe Russell

Joe Russell is a gospel performer

originally from Miami, Fl, now residing in N Florida


Mighty Men Of FaithMighty Men Of Faith  Gospel/christian songs. We want to spread God's word through praise and worship music to the world. 



Grace IgeGrace Ige




Singer/Songwriter, Worship Leader,business woman who loves God and mom to the gorgeous Alexis and Jayson. Made for This by Gracey 

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